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The food writing and journalism world is all about listicles and chef worship. Most food writers are taking free food and making friends with chefs in exchange for favorable coverage. Even principled critics who review restaurants anonymously don’t pay their own money to dine, so they don’t feel the pain you do.

The Hunger is one of the only food writing venues where the writer, a former Chicago Sun-Times food critic pays his own way, dines anonymously, and tells the true story about the restaurants he covers.

Additionally, if you like cultural commentary, food hacks, interviews with chefs, pop culture, restaurant history, and general smart-assery, The Hunger has you covered. Subscribe to get full access to the newsletter and website. Most of my posts are for paid subscribers only. Never miss an update. Part of your subscription contribution will be donated to hospitality workers in need.

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Mike Nagrant, the last and former Chicago Sun-Times food critic and contributor to the James Beard-Winning Alinea cookbook writes about culture, life, food, cooking, restaurants, and food media.


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